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Paul Richardson Injury: Buffaloes WR Cleared To Run 3 Months After ACL Surgery

Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Paul Richardson tore his ACL during a practice in April, but it appears as if he's recovering quickly. According to a recent tweet from the man himself, Richardson has already been cleared to start running.

While the recovery would appear borderline miraculous, the school issued a statement today to clarify the receiver's tweet. From ESPN:

"Paul was cleared for straight-ahead jogging and running. He's not at the point where he can make cuts, run routes, etc. He is progressing nicely and faster than expected, but it's too early to predict what his status is for the upcoming season. We'll monitor his progress, but whether he can play in any or all of the games this fall can't be determined for some time yet."

Richardson finished with 39 catches for 555 yards and five touchdowns last season. He missed four games in 2011 due to a knee injury.

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