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Colorado's Athletic Director Mike Bohn Says Lack of Schedule Deal With Big Ten "Frustrating"

The Colorado Buffaloes were hoping to see a scheduling deal take place between the Pac-12 and the Big Ten. Unfortunately, those talks weren't able to spawn a pact.

Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn feels regret, saying that it could've been a good thing for all parties involved.

"It's frustrating that we were so close but in the end weren't able to pull something together that in the end, I believe, would have been a terrific platform for not only the University of Colorado but our league, particularly with the launch of the Pac-12 network and the opportunity to create marquee matchups that would have been extremely attractive to be a part of," Bohn said.

The Buffaloes would've been able to add some new and interesting names to the docket at home, including teams such as Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State. It's a tough pill to swallow, but ultimately something that wasn't able to come together.

"It would have been extremely powerful to have that on a cycle and the ability to know we're putting it together, rather than looking for one-offs and things that don't make sense or maybe aren't as dynamic of a matchup," Bohn said.

For now, the only partnership of major interest between the conferences is the Rose Bowl, which annually features the winners of each conference pitted against each other.

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