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Colorado's Basketball Court Can Be Had For A Mere $5,000

Colorado has decided that it would be a good idea to auction off their basketball court to make a few bucks. With their stellar basketball history the court has to be worth a lot of money right?

Well, not exactly. The court is currently up for auction where the current high bid is just over $5,000. So far the reserve has not been met and the auction site says that it could be extended.

Here is a brief description about the court on the auction website:

This Basketball/Volleyball court flooring came from the University of Colorado Boulder and is in fair/good condition.The floor is a Robbins "AllStar plus" portable maple basketball floor. Size is 60ft by 112ft, with a separate extension of identical construction which is 48ft by 24ft. Floor has been sanded and stripped down once. The floor was initially purchased in 1996. This flooring is being sold AS/IS WHERE/IS with NO warranty or refunds. It is the sole responsibility of the winning bidder to provide for the removal of this flooring including any costs, labor and truck(s) to remove.

I like how the auction says the court is in fair or good condition because it is quite obvious, and I hope your truck is big enough to haul away an entire basketball court.

Also there is no mention of legendary Colorado baller Chauncey Billups and former No. 3 overall NBA draft pick playing on this court, because that should at least up the price by a few bucks.

So, if you have just over $5,000 to burn then this court can be all yours.