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DirecTV CEO On Pac-12 Network: 'We're Not Going To Have Seven Channels'

The Pac-12 Network is set to launch on Aug. 15 and as of now only Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and Brighthouse cable are scheduled to carry the network. Negotiations have been going on behind the scenes to get other cable and satellite providers on board to carry the network, but so far there has been no new provider to say that they will carry the channels.

DirectTV CEO Michael White talked about how their service is pushing back against rising content fees and that they are not afraid to go dark on certain channels in order to achieve their goal.

White did mention about the future of the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV briefly and the outcome looks grim:

In looking to rein in content fees, White said DirecTV isn't sure what it will do with the Pac-12 Network group. "We're not going to have seven channels -- I can assure you of that," he said.

For those who have DirecTV they are not going to like that statement, but a lot of times in launching a new channel these deals are not done until the last minute. Also hearing that White does not know what to do with the Pac-12 Network is also concerning. It could just be that he does not want to carry all seven channels nationally.

It is easy to see why DirecTV does not want to carry all seven channels because costs would be high with that many channels. So seeing all seven networks on a basic tier is likely not going to happen, but it would make sense to have the national feed of the Pac-12 Network be on a tier that does not require the sports package.

Then have the regional networks set up where each one -- such as the Utah/Colorado channel -- would be available as a regional sports network similar to ROOT Sports. The other regional networks could be available on the sports package tier, but the way White is talking that seems unlikely since they are not sure what to do with the group of channels.

For those with DirecTV get ready to find an alternate way to watch games on the Pac-12 Network somewhere else than the comfort of your home.

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