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Pac-12 Is Seriously Looking At Playing Games In China, But Football Is Unlikely

The Pac-12 has been an innovative conference ever since Larry Scott took over as commissioner, and the latest move is to play regular season sports in Asia, specifically in China.

This idea has been floating around for some time, and at the Pac-12 meetings Scott took some time to discuss the possibility of having regular season events taking place abroad.

Football is the biggest sport but having a game in Asia is not likely to happen since the sport is not big there, however with the Pac-12 being so successful with producing Olympic athletes it seems like a better fit to showcase those events in Asia:

"Football is going to be the toughest and is maybe not a high priority because it is not played [over there]," said Scott. "We have a lot more immediate focus on sports like basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, track and field, gymnastics -- all sports where they excel at too. Football really isn't a high priority and if we were to play a game internationally, I'm not sure China would be the first, most logical place. There are other places where it's much more indigenous."

While football is probably not going to happen, fans should look forward to that heated rivalry match between the Colorado Buffaloes and Utah Utes in basketball or volleyball being moved thousands of miles away in Beijing or Shanghai.