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Colorado Buffaloes Likely To Have Hard Time Throwing For Over 3,000 Yards

Over at ESPN's Pac-12 blog, Kevin Gemmell has taken a look at the quarterbacks or potential quarterbacks in the conference and has attempted to see which ones will be able to throw for over 3,000 yards. There are three returners who reached that level, while the Colorado Buffaloes are breaking in a new signal caller -- whether it will be Connor Wood or Nick Hirschman is best left for August camp to decide.


Gemmell thinks it will be hard for either of the Buffs' quarterbacks to make it to the 3,000-yard mark. Running back Rodney Stewart and receiver Toney Clemons are gone after solid senior seasons. Also add in the loss of wide receiver Paul Richardson to a blown knee and it's hard to argue with Gemmell's assessment.