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Printable NCAA Bracket Updated Before Start Of Round Of 32

We're now into the Round of 32 for the 2012 NCAA Tournament, which means even more exciting games can be expected. However, it'll be hard to top Friday's upset victories for Lehigh, Norfolk State and Ohio. Those teams won't be back in action until Sunday, which mean we'll just have No. 11 and No. 12 VCU to hope for the unexpected victories. And if you are one who prefers to write a bracket as-you-go, SB Nation has its own printable NCAA bracket for you to take advantage of on Saturday,

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Will Kansas State upset Syracuse? How about Iowa State over Kentucky? Murray State is definitely in a position to defeat Marquette; otherwise, a two-loss season and an exit from the tournament await the Racers.

Predict it all with your own printable NCAA bracket!

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