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NCAA Printable Bracket 2012: Start Making Your Predictions!

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One of the great things about March Madness is that people love to fill out their own brackets and predict which team will make a Cinderella run to the Final Four or the National Title Game. Or maybe a favorite team got into it and a "homer" bracket is filled it. However, one likes to fill out a bracket, SB Nation has us covered with its own printable NCAA Tournament 2012 bracket.

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I know I'll be filling out separate brackets each for Colorado, Colorado State and Montana to win it all, and one that has them all in the Final Four. It's never going to happen, but one can always dream.

For more coverage of Colorado in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, visit SB Nation Denver's StoryStream. Click here for a link to our NCAA bracket 2012. Brackets on the brain? Us too! Play Yahoo! Tourney Pick’em and be a part of the craziest month of college basketball. It is fun, easy, and free.

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