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2012 NFL Combine: Colorado's Ryan Miller Receives Advice From Nate Solder

Ryan Miller is in Day 2 of the NFL Combine and that certainly means time for interviews. On Thursday, Miller discussed the help he received from former teammate and current New England Patriot offensive tackle Nate Solder (via

"Nate has been a great asset to have in this," Miller said. "He has been giving out advice, kind of the dos and don’ts, ‘Maybe you should try this, this might work for you, this didn’t work for me,’ kind of things. It’s been very valuable."

Solder made it to the Super Bowl as a rookie for the New England Patriots. He played right tackle and was an extra tight end on the line often enough. Miller is also expected to play right tackle in the NFL, but he likely won't be hearing his name called until Day 3 of the draft (Solder was a first-round selection).

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