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Pac-12 Scheduling 2012: Colorado Wants To Schedule Big Ten Teams Before 2017

The University of Colorado would like to begin to schedule football games against Big Ten teams before 2017, as Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn told Kyle Ringo of The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences recently agreed to a new scheduling deal that will have teams from both conferences playing annually by 2017, but Colorado is showing interest in having Big Ten teams on its schedule before then. From Bohn himself:

We're actually working on trying to jumpstart that strategy even before 2017. So we're in discussion with some Big Ten institutions about potentially starting that before then. We would love to play Nebraska with the history that goes together there.

Given that both Colorado and Nebraska used to be rivals in the Big-12 before both teams departed for greener pastures, there seems to be some strong interest in having that rivalry rekindled before the new conference agreement goes into full effect in 2017.

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For now, it's unclear exactly when Colorado will begin to play teams from the Big Ten. What appears to be clear, though, is that the school is putting a good deal of effort into scheduling some of those teams before 2017. For Colorado fans that grew up watching the Buffaloes duke it out with the Cornhuskers, that has to be seen as a pleasant surprise.

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