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VIDEO: Jimmy Smith Picks Up Amazing Interception For Ravens Vs. Patriots

Former Colorado Buffaloes cornerback and current Baltimore Ravens starter Jimmy Smith came up with one amazing interception against the New England Patriots. On the play before the Tom Brady interception, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had just thrown his own interception right into the hands of Brandon Spikes.

Then with the New England Patriots possessing the ball, Brady drops back and throws the ball deep down the field. Fall short? Hit someone in the back? Nope. Bernard Pollard tips the ball and moves it into an area where Smith is able to get his hands on the ball. But that's not all. Smith is able to fully control the ball as he comes down to the ground. With no Patriots around him to, Smith is directed by his teammates to get up and run the ball. He winds up getting past his own 35-yard before the play comes to an end.

The Patriots currently lead the Ravens, 23-20.

And here's a GIF of the replay on that interception: