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Pac-12 Expansion Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

So much for the Pac-12 waiting on expansion because expansion might be coming sooner rather then later, but it will not be because the Pac-12 is going out and being proactive. Rather it will be a reactionary move from the fall out that comes from Texas A&M being invited to join the SEC. Well, it is not official yet since Baylor is mentioned as a school who is backing off an original agreement to not sue Texas A&M if the leave to join the SEC, but there are conflicting reports on Baylor. Also, Chip Brown is reporting that there are other schools outside of Baylor that are backing off their original agreement to not sue Texas A&M. 

So, what does this all mean for Colorado and the rest of the Pac-12? Probably just a delay in the inevitable of the league expanding, but one thing that seems certain is that the Texas Longhorns will not be receiving an invite to join the Pac-12. 

The obvious issues with Texas come from the Longhorn Network, but now the San Jose Mercury News Jon Wilner is reporting that it is much more than the Longhorn Network as for the reasons that the Pac-12 is shying away from Texas. Wilner mentions that Texas does not fit culturally as to another prime reason why that Texas will not be heading west.

Then there is George Schroeder of The Eugene Register-Guard  has sources that say that Pac-12 expansion could come as soon as the end of this week:

Speculative reports suggest announcements of Pac-12 expansion could come as early as Friday. But another high-level source involved in the process said the conference wouldn't move that fast.

Expect the process to take a few more days, into next week. That, by the way, would fit neatly into the outside end of the timeline given by Oklahoma president David Boren last Friday, when he said something would happen in 72 hours or two weeks.

"It won't happen in 24 hours," the source said. "That doesn't mean it has to take a week - but closer to a week."

Regardless of the time frame it seems that it is inevitable that the Pac-12 will be adding teams, it is just a matter of when.

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