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Pac-12 Is In A Wait And See Approach As Presidents Do Not Want To Expand

So far all of the expansion talk regarding the Pac-12 picking up Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech has mostly come from the Big 12 side. However, that does not mean the Larry Scott and the Pac-12 are not going to listen or attempt to make a deal. 

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News who wrote this morning that not everyone in the Pac-12 is in favor of expanding:

The Pac-12 presidents and chancellors do not want to expand. Their strong preference is for Texas A&M-to-the-SEC to implode and for the Big 12 to remain viable - essentially, they want the status quo for as long as they can get it.

Why? Because they have everything they want.

The conference has stability... it has a football championship game ... it has the richest TV deal in college sports history ... and it has a wholly-owned network(s) to serve its fans, provide unprecedented exposure for its athletes, promote the league's academic mission - and generate millions of dollars per school annually once it attains maximum distribution.

The CEOs believe the Pac-12 is the best-positioned conference in the country. They don't want 16 teams, and they don't want the SEC and Big Ten going to 16 teams, either.

However, Wilner points out that the Pac-12 would be foolish not to to expand if the SEC goes beyond 14 teams and the Big 10 adds more teams as well. His sources say Missouri is likely heading to the SEC as the 14th team and that move would essentially be the death kill for the Big 12. The kicker out of this is that the Pac-12 would be just fine taking Oklahoma and Oklahoma State only and not bringing along Texas:

Sources: Pac-12 probably would take the Oklahoma schools even if Texas is off the table. less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The reason for not bringing in Texas goes back to their Longhorn Network, because the Pac-12 has equal revenue sharing and that is a deal breaker for the Pac-12 and they will not budge on that topic.

Also, the Pac-12 is planning on acting a lot like the SEC in regards that they want schools to approach them and not be perceived as poaching other leagues schools. So, for now the Pac-12 is content at 12 teams and will sit and back see what the SEC and the other Big 12 schools decide to do.

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