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CU QB Tyler Hansen Does Not Approve Of Maryland's Hideous Uniforms

College football uniforms can be quiet and unassuming, like Notre Dame's white or navy blue jersey with gold pants. That's classic. Then there are Oregon Ducks who have close to 4,356 possible uniforms (just a slight exaggeration). Then we have the Maryland Terrapins' new uniforms (after the jump) that debuted on Monday night against the Miami Hurricanes:


via @jose3030

That's a real mess. That's a look at both halves of the uniform. Which side do I look at? Is the checkerboard pattern better or does the fleur-de-lis deserve my eye? The actual answer is neither. The shoes demand your attention.

Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Tyler Hansen has a good take on the uniforms:

These Maryland uni's are horribleless than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply


At least Hansen doesn't need to wear those types of uniforms, but I wonder what his thoughts would be on this look for the CU basketball court.