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Colorado Vs. Ohio State Final Score: Buffs Embarrassed In 37-17 Loss To Buckeyes

The Colorado Buffaloes had just about everything go wrong in their 37-17 loss to the Ohio St. Buckeyes. From offensive scarcity to mental lapses on special teams to a freshman quarterback running over the Buffs defense, it was all there.

The Buckeyes took advantage of a short field all day, as none of their scoring drives were over 50 yards long. The first score came after a rugby punt failed and left the Buckeyes with only 43 yards to go. Jordan Hall, who rushed 18 times for 87 yards, put the ball in the end zone for the early lead. He would later have a 90-yard kick return to set up a rushing touchdown for Carlos Hyde.

Ohio State true freshman quarterback Braxton Miller completed just seven passes, but two of them were touchdown throws to Devin Smith. Miller rushed the ball 16 times for 78 yards.

The Buffs were forced to throw for much of the game, as Rodney Stewart carried the ball just nine times for 59 yards. Tyler Hansen put the ball in the air 39 times and completed 22 of them. He threw two touchdown passes.

Still Stewart had a muffed punt return at the end of the second quarter that ended any momentum the Buffs had from Tyler Hansen's desperation touchdown throw to Toney Clemons.

Colorado (1-3) hosts the Washington St. Cougars next week.

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