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Colorado Vs. Ohio State Score: Buckeyes Hold 20-7 Halftime Lead

The Colorado Buffaloes appeared to have the momentum going into halftime after they scored late in the second quarter. On the ensuing Ohio St. Buckeyes drive, the Buffs made the stop on third down with seconds left on the clock. Buffs head coach Jon Embree decided to call a time, and that's when it all started to go wrong.

Rodney Stewart called for the fair catch on the punt and had to run up to receive the ball. Only, he didn't do that. He hit into his own teammate and then muffed the catch. A pile-up wound up giving the Buckeyes the ball at Colorado' 11-yard line. Braxton Miller ran 10 yards to put the ball at the one-yard line, allowing Drew Basil to hit the 18-yard field goal.

The Buffs are down at halftime, 20-7. Tyler Hansen is 10-of-17 for 97 yards and a touchdown, but the running game is nonexistent. Stewart has rushed three times for 11 yards.

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