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Ohio State Vs. Colorado Score Update: Buffs Score TD On Toney Clemons Catch, But Still Losing, 17-7

The Colorado Buffaloes are attempting to stay in this game against the Ohio St. Buckeyes but are losing, 17-7. After Jordan Hall's touchdown run in the first quarter, Ohio State's Drew Basil added a 28-yard field goal for the 10-0 lead. Ohio State's Braxton Miller decided to finally show up in the second quarter. Midway through the second quarter, Miller found Devin Smith for a 32-yard touchdown to complete a six-play, 46-yard drive. That was Miller's second completion of the game.

The Buffs answered back on the following drive with their first first down of the game and a touchdown. Tyler Hansen found Paul Richardson for 19 yards on 2nd-and-4 and also came up with a 10-yard run for another first down. A 24-yard pass to Ryan Deehan brought to the Buckeyes' 20-yard line. After failing to pick up a fresh set of down, the Buffs went for it on fourth down. Hansen made a desperation throw to the end zone and Toney Clemons wound up making the 11-yard reception on the tips of his fingers.

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