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Ohio State Vs. Colorado Score: Jordan Hall Puts Buckeyes Up, 7-0

The Ohio St. Buckeyes scored on their second possession of the game for the 7-0 lead over the Colorado Buffaloes. This came after sloppy series by both teams. Ohio State took advantage of a failed rugby punt by Colorado, which put the team at Colorado's 43-yard line. Freshman quarterback Braxton Miller and running back Jordan Hall gained all 43 yards on the ground. Hall had runs of 13, 5, and 1 to put the ball in the end zone.

Miller has yet to attempt a pass, but he has seen a bad snap that he played poorly since he kept looking straight forward.

The Buffs went with three straight pass plays by Tyler Hansen to start their first drive and none did anything. On one throw, Hansen dropped back, kept his eye locked on the receiver and still couldn't put it into a set of hands. We'll need to see Rodney Stewart more if the Buffs want to win.

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