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Colorado Vs. Colorado State Update: Rocky Mountain Showdown Drawing To An Exciting Conclusion

The Colorado Buffaloes are one quarter away from giving head coach Jon Embree his first victory at the helm. After taking a 14-7 lead over the Colorado St. Rams at halftime, the Buffs are holding on to a 21-14 lead in the fourth quarter.

With the positional battle still raging with punt after punt, Colorado's Tyler Hansen changed things. Taking over at his own 32-yard line, Hansen handed the ball off to Rodney Stewart twice for a total of 16 yards. A couple of four-yard plays followed, but that was enough to set up a 44-yard strike from Hansen to Toney Clemons for the touchdown and a 21-7 lead.

However, Rams running back Raymond Carter and quarterback Pete Thomas came up with a couple of neat plays to convert third- and second-down plays, respectively. The drive went into the fourth quarter and featured a trick play (a lateral followed by a wide receiver Charles Lovett pass) for the touchdown. The Rams aren't out of this game yet.

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