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Texas Will Grant Connor Wood Release From Scholarship If He Decides To Transfer, According To Report

It will take some time for all the Connor Wood transfer rumors to play out, but it appears that Wood will receive a release from his scholarship should he ultimately decide to transfer. According to Randy Riggs of the Austin Statesman, a Texas official has said that they will allow Wood to leave his scholarship and transfer.

Wood reportedly visited Colorado today, but it was likely not an official visit. As the Denver Post points out, Colorado cannot officially host Wood unless he has been released from his scholarship.

Should Wood decide on moving to Boulder, there will certainly be a quarterback shuffle in the coming years. Could another school come in and contact top recruit Shane Dillon, a verbal commit to the Buffs right now? Might any of the other quarterbacks on the roster decide to transfer? Maybe the real question is whether Wood has the talent to be the starter for the Buffs. Just because he was a top high school recruit for the usually loaded Texas Longhorns doesn't guarantee that he is a future star or even solid starter.

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