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Larry Scott Has 'Major Announcement' Regarding Pac-12 Network Planned For A 3 P.M. MT News Conference

The Pac-12 is on their East coast swing of their media days and while in New York City Commissioner Larry Scott is holding a press conference to announce a "major announcement" regarding the Pac-12 Network. The expected decision is that the league will broadcast football and basketball games on television with the Olympic and non-revenue sports to be mostly shown online.

Assuming that the league will go with a combination of showing events on television and online, the only concern left is how the channel will be set up. The league is considering partnering with Comcast, Time Warner or Fox to help with distribution and lower start up costs. With that set up there could be some distribution issues in certain parts of the league footprint and possibly nationally. Comcast and Time Warner are known for being difficult in getting certain channels on their lineup, so that could be an issue for some fans.

The other option -- which could still cause distribution headaches for fans -- would be for the Pac-12 to start their own network by themselves and not partner with any company, but the positives for the teams is that there would be more money to go around since all of the profits would go to the league.

The press conference is going to be streamed live on the Pac-12 website at 3 p.m. MT.