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VIDEO: Pac-12 Knows How To Pump Up Its Fans

The Pac-12 had been a conservative conference before Larry Scott took over as the commissioner of the league, but now the league is embracing technology and using it to promote the new Pac-12. At Tuesday's Pac-12 football media days the league released a 'sizzle' video to promote the upcoming 2011 football season and talking about the changes of becoming a 12 team league as well as adding Utah and Colorado to the league.

The video has it all from a deep voice guy, dramatic music and highlights from all 12 teams. If this video does not get you pumped up then you either dislike football (and you are on this site because...) or you have no soul. I haven't played football since junior high and this video wants me to suit up and go out and hit someone.

The video maybe a bit dramatic, but it hits all the points to get everyone excited about the upcoming football season.