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Google Interested In Acquiring Hulu, The Pac-12 Could Be The Big Winner

On June 27 reports came out how the Pac-12 would proceed with the Pac-12 Media Enterprises and one of the options was to go online only by partnering with Google or Apple. Google is now in early talks to buy Hulu -- as are Microsoft and Yahoo -- to add professional content to go along side the user generated content created on YouTube. If the Pac-12 is serious about providing at least some of their inventory online then this potential merger between Google and Hulu could benefit the Pac-12.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the three media giants: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all vying to buy Hulu:

Google, which has had a testy relationship with Hollywood, is making a major push to add professionally produced content to its mix of user-created videos on YouTube. It has hired industry veterans to help the Internet search giant make inroads and strike deals.

If the Pac-12 partners with Google and Google acquires Hulu then all the Pac-12 would have to do is plug in their content and the startup cost would be nothing. Hulu has streamed concerts live, so this would not be a brand new venture for the company. Besides live streaming, the Pac-12 could have games accessed via on-demand as well as archived content as well. Also, depending on how the rights work out, games that are broadcast on other networks such as ESPN/ABC, FX or Fox Sports might be available through Hulu.

Hulu already allows for high-definition streaming through Hulu Plus which can be run through TiVo's, internet capable televisions, PlayStation 3, XBOX Live and probably some other device I am forgetting. Plus it can be viewed on a computer, tablet, smart phone and iPod Touch. It would safe to assume that the Pac-12 would be on Hulu Plus, or whatever service allows to stream through all of the above mentioned devices. 

Now if this does happen, it will definitely change the way college athletics are watched while providing a lot of money to schools. Also, with the Pac-12 known as the 'Conference of Champions' it will allow many more of the popular Olympic and non-revenue sports to be viewed. 

Basically, if you are a fan of a Pac-12 school you definitely want to see Google acquire Hulu and present at least some of the content online.