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Ravens' CB Jimmy Smith A Risk We Already Know About

Over at ESPN's NFL Nation Blog, James Walker is asking how much of a risk former Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Jimmy Smith is for the Baltimore Ravens, who selected him in the first round back in April. This concern is a couple of months late and the "recent" article he offers on Smith's past transgressions is from April 26, just a few days before the 2011 Draft.

Hey, look, with the NFL Lockout still ongoing (but looking more optimistic as the days go on) the pool of stories to write about dwindles. But Walker still brings up an important question that will be asked widely once he starts negotiating a contract and gets ready for the season.

Smith had reportedly been considered as high as No. 13 with the Detroit Lions, but then they backed off of him because of his off-the-field issues. If it wasn't them, Smith may have even given Patrick Peterson (No. 5) and Prince Amukamara (No. 19) a run for top cornerback in the draft.

Maybe spending some time with Ray Lewis will hel--oh.