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Pac-12 Shows Off New Logo In An Awesomely Bad Video

The move to the Pac-12 for the Colorado Buffaloes and Utah Utes is not official until July 1, but yesterday the league decided to release their new logo through a video, and what a video it was. It seems that the new Pac-12 is excited due to the amount of dancing that is being placed in the video.

The only difference in the new logo is that it has the number 12 within the logo instead of the number 10, so perhaps the league could have done a more professional job at creating a video to show off their new logo. 

You know the video is not good when a statement is released about the video:

"With so many of our fans active on social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to create something that could easily be shared and we felt this would be a fun and natural way for us to launch the new Pac-12 mark," Chief Marketing Officer Danette Leighton said. "We wanted to do something creative that allowed some of our student-athletes and fans to give the new logo life. We also wanted to reflect the enthusiasm that all of our institutions have for the Pac-12 becoming a reality this summer."