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NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011: Colorado Snubbed; Northern Colorado Plays San Diego State

The Colorado Buffaloes were snubbed from the 2011 NCAA Tournament, while the Northern Colorado Bears took a 15 seed and will play No. 2 seed San Diego State in the West region. It will be an uphill battle for the Bears in their first NCAA Tournament appearance. But everyone in Colorado should be rooting for UNC as the underdog against the Aztecs.

As for the Colorado Buffaloes, here is what the Ralphie Report had to say:

The Buffs had a much better resume than many of the bubble teams that were inexplicably chosen to the tournament. Clemson, Michigan State, Michigan, UAB, VCU, USC the list goes on. The Buffs were shafted here, plain and simple.

The Buffs are almost certainly a lock for the NIT now, which should also feature the Colorado St. Rams.

To say this is a disappointment for Buffs fans in an understatement. It appeared that a run to the semifinals in the Big 12 tournament cemented the team's NCAA Tournament status, but the committee, for some reason, like those other teams better.

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