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Air Force Falcons Recruiting: Wrapping Up Air Force's 2011 Class

The Air Force Falcons' recruiting classes are always hard to decipher and judge accurately, because they are only allowed to recruit certain players who fit the overall Academy physical requirements. Their classes are usually at or near the bottom of Mountain West recruiting rankings with rarely any three-star recruits. However, the Falcons always end up at least at the middle of pack and sometimes make it to the upper half of the Mountain West such as they did this past year. 

Head coach Troy Calhoun talks with The Mtn. crew about how Air Force recruits players which is much different then every other school in nation outside of the other two service academies. He also gets into why he can not publicly mention recruits until they arrive on campus. The crew from the Mtn. does go into some details about the Falcons recruiting class.