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Colorado Buffalo Recruiting: Top Colorado Linebacker Leilon Willingham Picks Central Florida Over Colorado

The Colorado Buffaloes had to wait until Thursday to hear if top-rated linebacker Leilon Willingham would go to Colorado. As of yesterday, it seemed that Willingham was going to attend the local school, but instead he is joining his high school teammate Rayshon Williams and will attend Central Florida. Apparently, Willingham was having second thoughts about going to Colorado and called the Colorado coaches last night to inform him of his decision to not sign with them.

This is a big blow for the Colorado class as Willingham was the state's second best player and the 13th rated linebacker in the country. It is one thing to lose a local player to another BCS or Pac-12 school, but to lose him to a non-BCS school all the way across the country has to hurt.

With this latest news the 2011 Colorado class is complete with 19 players.

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