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Colorado Buffaloes New Head Coach Jon Embree Makes As Much As Oklahoma's Tight End Coach

The Colorado regents recently approved the coaching contracts of both new head coach John Embree and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy; both coaches will make the same base salary of $250,000. It is odd that the base salary of the head coach equals that of the offensive coordinator, but with with sponsorship deals and media appearances it makes Embree's salary a more respectable $750,000 while Bieniemy's climbs to $425,000.

Also, Embree's salary is much more economic friendly then Dan Hawkns deal, because Hawkins was fired and paid $2.1 million after five years on the job. The buyout clause for Embree will pay him paid $750,000 if fired in 2011, $500,000 in 2012 and $250,000  in 2013. If he his fired in 2014 or 2015 he will receive nothing.

Here is a complete breakdown of Embree's salary, with incentives:

— $250,000 base salary
— $200,000 annual supplemental compensation for radio, television and public appearances
— $200,000 for sponsorship support
— $75,000 for conducting summer football camps

There are also the standard bonuses for winning a national title at $750,000, if the Buffs win seven games in a season Embree gets a $50,000 bonus but then there is a clause that will give Embree $200,000 for playing in a non-BCS game. That last incentive is a bit off, Embree could win six games and play in a low level bowl game and pocket a cool $200,000.

All those bonuses are quite nice, but if Colorado fans take look east toward their former Big 12 South foe Oklahoma Sooners they would notice that Bob Stoops just received a one million dollar raise to give him a base salary of $4.875 million per year. However, if one looks at the complete staff salary of Oklahoma it is $7 million a year with the lowest paid coach being Bruce Kittle who coaches the tight ends and tackle who earns $240,000 per season.