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Not Even Mother Nature Can Slow Down National Signing Day

National Signing Day is a big deal, just look at the online and television coverage that will dominant tomorrow from sunrise to sunset as players use old technology to fax in their letter of intent. While the fax is the preferred method for some reason, due to severe weather blanketing the midwest to the northeast portion of the country in heavy snow and bone chilling cold weather.

Due to schools being closed due to the weather that means coaches or players will not have access to the fax machine, an alternate method needed to be made. The alternate route was announced Monday evening.

@Chris_Pool reports NCAA allowing signees to take a pics of NLI and e-mail instead of faxing if school closed due to weather. #ESPNU_NSDless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The method of scanning in Letter's of Intent should have been put into place long time ago, but in addition to using a home scanner a player can take a photo using their cell phone and emailing it to their school as well. The player must have a clear picture of each page for it to be official.

There is no doubt coaches want to have their players signed and official for their school, because head football coaches are paranoid and the more time a player is not signed allows an opposing coach more time to swoop in and steal that recruit.

Just have fun piecing together the Letter of Intent in about six different email attachments as if it were some type of puzzle to make sure all the correct pages are intact to make the signing official. There could easily be multiple secondary violations from schools announcing a player is signed, but they forget half of a page which makes the recruit not an 'official' member of the class.

Just one more piece of drama added to signing day.