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Colorado State Rams Recruiting: Head Coach Steve Fairchild Likes His 2011 Class

Of course Colorado St. Rams head coach Steve Fairchild is saying he likes his latest recruiting class. Any coach who says he is not pleased with his class will be the first, and most likely would not be that teams coach much longer after making that statement.

Fairchild realizes that he is not at a program that can haul on the four-and five-start athletes, but he does believe these lower rated players by the recruiting services be just as good by the time they are juniors and seniors. He also mentions how he and his staff are getting better at recruiting. Part of that has to do with recruiting smarter geographically, getting in players who fit position needs and of course recruiting players who the staff can develop to become contributors at Colorado State. 

Offensive coordinator Pat Meyer brings out the coach speak when talking about the star rating system:

"You'd love to recruit four- and five-star guys all the time," Meyer said. "But you know what? I really, truly believe the kids that are good athletes are players that in their heart want to be Rams and want to be successful, not only in football but in the academic and social community setting. Those are the ones you can win with more so than not, and it's hard to measure that. It's hard to measure what's in a kid's heart."

Part of that heart that Meyer is talking about is showing up in this year's class as four players are already on campus for this spring. They are running back Dorian Brown, quarterback Garrett Grayson, Colton Paulhus who is a junior college transfer defensive and safety Drew Reilly.

Unless there are some surprise tomorrow the Rams look to have completed their 2011 class.

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