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Cory Higgins Joins Charlotte Bobcats After Release From Denver Nuggets

Cory Higgins, former Colorado Buffaloes star, didn't take long to find a new NBA home after the Denver Nuggets released him at the end of last week. He joined up with the Charlotte Bobcats, reports the Charlotte News-Observer. As the article notes, Higgins' father is Rod Higgins, the Bobcats' president of basketball operations. Sure, there might be a slight case of nepotism here, but Higgins has played well enough for the Buffs, the NBA D-League and in Nuggets training camp that he deserves a shot elsewhere.

Besides, he's not expected to receive any significant playing time being the fifth guard on the roster (and occupying the 15th and final spot on the roster). As Scott Schroeder at Ridiculous Upside writes:

There were certainly better players available on the open market, but that ultimately doesn't matter when the objective is signing an end of the bench player to keep players fresh in practice. If Higgins was signed to play a role in which he'd be looked at to contribute meaningful minutes? It'd have been a different story. As the last player on the roster, though, one will have to assume he'll be just fine working his butt off for every opportunity he gets while trying to prove to his father that he deserved the opportunity.

For what it's worth, we all know this is better than signing a veteran to take that bench spot while he needs to be overpaid to do so.