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Colorado Vs. Utah Score Update: Utes Answer Right Back For 17-14 Game

The Utah Utes aren't going down without a fight, scoring a touchdown right after the Colorado Buffaloes did. Late in the third quarter, the Utes are down, 17-14.

The Utes had a short field to start the third drive of the quarter, working from their own 42-yard line. Jon Hays opened it up with a 15-yard pass to put the team into Colorado territory. Tauni Vakapuna then came up with 22 yards over the next three running plays to bring the team to the 21-yard line. After Shawn Asiata had a one-yard run, Jon Hays completed back-to-back passes for 20 yards, including a six-yard touchdown pass to Asiata. Coleman Petersen added the extra point to make it a three-point game.

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