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Colorado Vs. Utah Score: Buffs Add TD On Toney Clemons Catch For 17-7 Lead

The Colorado Buffaloes answered the Utah Utes touchdown for touchdown in the opening minutes of the third quarter to take a 17-7 lead. Tyler Hansen and Tony Jones brought the Buffs down the field, a 16-yard pass to Toney Clemons bringing the ball into Utes territory. Hansen then followed that with a 34 yard pass to Clemons, falling a yard short of the endzone.

Colorado did challenge that play, believing Clemons wound up in the endzone. The refs confirmed the ruling on the field, though they could have taken a yard or two off the play since Clemons' knee appeared to go down earlier than thought. However, the ball was placed at the one-yard line, giving the Buffs a short space to punch the ball in for the lead. They did when Hansen found Evan Harrington for the catch

The drive took 11 plays for 82 yards and saw 5:35 come off the clock.

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