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Colorado Vs. Utah Score Update: Buffs Stuck At 7-0 Through Early Part Of 2nd Quarter

After the Colorado Buffaloes took a 7-0 at the end of the first drive of the game, the Utah Utes have been unable to score. The Buffs have also failed to add to the team's lead early into the second quarter.

Colorado wasted a drive deep into Utah's territory when Toney Clemons, who caught a pass from Tyler Hansen for 29 yards, fumbled the ball into the Utah endzone, giving possession to the Utes. Utah couldn't do anything on the drive and punted the ball for 66 yards. The Buffs failed to gain any traction and had a horrible 35-yard punt from their own 21-yard line. Utah returned it 29 yards to Colorado's 27-yard line.

The Utes moved the ball just two yards before attempting a 42-yard field goal, which Coleman Petersen missed. The game was left at 7-0.

Colorado outgained Utah offensively 185 yards to 17 in the first quarter.

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