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Pac-12 Divisions Still Up In The Air, But The Conference Is Listening To Ideas

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The Pac-10 conference is still discussing some of the changes that will take place when they become the Pac-12 next season. The conference's athletic directors (including Colorado and Utah) are meeting next week in San Fransisco to the dialog that will help shape the future of this league. The biggest issues to be discussed are revenue sharing and the divisional format that will be adopted for football.

Over at the Ralphie Report and other SB Nation Pac-10 blogs, fans have been discussing which format would be the best. North-South, the zipper, pods, they all have their pluses and minuses. However, from what I have seen, most peoples number choice is a format dreamed at the website Pac12cooler that is almost a hybrid of the divisional and pod formats. 

See a graphic of the divisions after the jump...


Teams would always play their side of the graphic, PLUS the teams in their row every season. Then they would play 2 of the remaining 4 teams. This results in every team playing every other team twice out of every four years, and at least once in each stadium over a four-year college career. All teams would have exposure to each region of the Pac-10 every year and would also play all their regional rivals.

According to ESPN Pac-10 blogger Ted Miller, fans aren't the only ones that are considering the proposal:

And there also is a proposal that would divide the Pac-12 not only into divisions but also pods, with the Northwest schools, California schools and post-Pac-8 schools all forming four-team pods. It's an idea that originated on the Internet site "Pac12cooler" and worked its way to the office of an athletic director, who threw it on the table at a recent meeting.

There you go, send everyone who has ever told you that no one reads the nonsense that you post on the internet and say "see, I told you so".