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Mike Bohn: Bill McCartney 'Viable Candidate' For Colorado Buffaloes Job

During today’s press conference on Dan Hawkins’ dismissal as Colorado Buffaloes head coach, athletic director Mike Bohn mentioned that former Buffaloes coach Bill McCartney is a possible candidate to take over:

“Bill McCartney is a viable candidate for us to consider, no question,” Bohn said.

However, Bohn is not looking to hire a caretaker for a season or two before the school settles on a long-term coach. So if McCartney is a serious candidate then he would need to stick around for a few more years into his mid 70s. McCartney supposedly has an interest in coaching again.

McCartney led the Buffaloes to a share of the 1990 NCAA championship with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Coaching between 1982 and 1994, he picked up several school coaching records: most games (153), most wins (93) and most conference wins (58).

Has the game evolved too much for the 70-year-old McCartney to make a successful transition back to the coaching ranks? Time will tell as we see who else Colorado will look at for the position.