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Blog Reaction: Hawkins' Time At Colorado Was A Dismal Affair

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Buffaloes fans suffered through five ugly years under former head coach Dan Hawkins, and his firing is being met with relief from the beleaguered fan base. Hawkins' hiring was seen as a positive one by fans and media alike, but it didn't take long for opinions to change sharply. The Ralphie Report has been there for it all and they are ready to start anew:

Looking back over it all, you just have to shake your head. The easy way to describe it is nothing got better, nothing ever seemed to improve and the same things we were talking about three years ago, we are still talking about today.

The easy part is done, getting rid of a coaching staff that has underperformed greatly over the past five years. The hard part is still ahead. Finding a head coach and just as important, a group of effective assistant coaches and recruiters is now priority number one. If the Buffs want to return to relevance, the athletic department and donors will have to make an investment beyond what was made when they brought Dan Hawkins in.