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Colorado Completely Collapses In The Fourth Quarter, Falls To Kansas

That was an EPIC COLLAPSE. The Colorado Buffaloes blew a 45-17 lead in the FOURTH QUARTER to lose to the Kansas Jayhawks 52-45 after allowing the Jayhawks to score 35 straight points in the fourth quarter. Yes, you read the right. 35 straight points.

The Buffaloes were able to drive down the field with 50 seconds remaining in the game but couldn’t get further than the Kansas seven yard line after Paul Richardson catch in the end zone with seven seconds remaining was ruled out of bounds.

Colorado has now lost 16 straight road games, not winning since November of 2007. This lost to Kansas could be the absolute worst of all. Athletic Director Mike Bohn will now be forced to decide if he wants to wait until the end of the season before firing current head coach Dan Hawkins, or if this was a terrible enough display to fire him this week.