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Buffs Dominating Kansas 21-3 in the Second Quarter

That dubious 15-game road losing streak might be coming to an end today. Unfortunately, many Buffs fans are glued to the radio instead of being able to watch a rising star continue to shine. Cody Hawkins and true freshman WR Paul Richardson have hooked up four times today for 80 yards and two scores. RB Rodney Stewart raced in for the first score of the game to give the Buffs a 7-0 lead. Kansas answered with a field goal on the following drive but then Richardson went to work.

His first score came on a 62-yard pass late in the first quarter followed by a four-yard score.

The Colorado offense has been great today with Hawkins going 15-of-17 for 176 yards and two scores. They have outgained the Jayhawks 223 to 82 through the first quarter and a half.