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Colorado Buffaloes To Host Oregon Ducks, USC Trojans In 2011

While the full Pac-12 schedule has yet to be released, the Denver Post reports that the Colorado Buffaloes opponents are already known:

Besides Oregon, the Buffaloes will host Washington State, Southern California and Arizona.

They will travel to Washington, Stanford, Arizona State, UCLA and Utah, the other new conference member.

The story goes on to mention that CU has a schedule problem because the Buffs host only four games while there must be six to meet all obligations. The game against Cal does not count as a league game since the home and home series was set up before the league change.

Under this new schedule, the Buffaloes potentially face two BCS teams from this season in the Oregon Ducks and the Utah Utes. The Buffs previously played the Oregon Ducks in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl, which the Ducks won, 38-16. That was back in the Gary Barnett era when Craig Ochs was the quarterback, when Daniel Graham was playing his way into a future NFL tight end and when Chris Brown and Bobby Purify dominated the backfield.

The Buffs and Utah had a strong rivalry for the first six decades of the twentieth century, but the two teams have yet to play since 1963.