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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Nebraksa Leads 17-3 At The Half

The Colorado Buffaloes are headed to the locker room at halftime down 17-3 to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Colorado offense hasn't been able to get anything going on offense and has been hurt by some missed penalty calls on the defensive side. The Buffaloes only managed 85 total yards on the first half, running for 59 and throwing for 26 on a single completion. 

Nebraska has 219 total yards with 159 coming on the ground. Running back Rex Burkhead has totaled 100 yards in the first half and threw for a 26 yard touchdown pass with about a minute remaining in the second quarter. Wide receiver Brandon Kinnie clearly pushed off on the play but the penalty was not called. 

The Buffaloes will need to have a strong first drive out of the half to make this a game, and Cody Hawkins has to be able to complete a few passes. As he was entering the locker room Brian Cabral told the reporter that the Buffaloes "have [the Cornhuskers] right where they want them". We will see if that is true by the way Colorado performs in the last two quarters in the Big 12 conference.