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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Rex Burkhead Gives Nebraska 10-0 Lead

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have taken a 10-0 lead over the Colorado Buffaloes early in the second quarter. Rex Burkhead plunged for 2 yards to give Nebraska the first touchdown of the game. The Buffaloes have had two possessions and have only managed one first down as Cody Hawkins struggles to find open receivers amongst the tough Nebraska secondary. The Buffaloes have only 10 yards of total offense so far.

The Cornhuskers have ran the ball well and completed a few key passes to spark their two scoring drives. They haven't been afraid to come out in the wildcat formation, which is something that Colorado made need to try in order to move the ball. Nebraska has 128 yards on the ground already, with 75 coming from Rex Burkhead. In order to make this a game, Colorado is going to have to force Nebraska to throw the ball with 3rd stringer Cody Green at quarterback and their number one receiver Niles Paul out for the game.