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Colorado Vs. Nebraska: Taylor Martinez To Sit, Cody Green To Start For The Cornhuskers

Bo Pelini made official what we all expected was coming. Cody Green will start at quarterback against the Buffaloes on Friday while Tayor Martinez will sit. Martinez has been hampered by a sore ankle over the last few weeks and he re-aggravated the same injury against Texas A&M. Martinez was involved in a much publicized dressing down from Pelini after returning to the sidelines from the locker room. Rumors swirled early in the week that Martinez may be leaving the team, but they were quickly shot down by all official sources. 

Cody Green has thrown for 215 yards while running for 75 in his brief playing time this year. He does not have the game breaking speed of Martinez and the Cornhusker offense has struggled to put up points with him at the helm.

The Huskers received more bad news early today when they learned that leading wide receiver Niles Paul would be out for the game against Colorado and a possible Big 12 championship appearance.