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Buffs have 3-0 Lead Over Iowa State After First Quarter

The Brian Cabral era has gotten off to a relatively successful start sans a costly fumble when the Buffs were on the move in Iowa State territory.

On the first drive of the game, QB Cody Hawkins hooked up with freshman phenom WR Paul Richardson for a 51 yard completion to get the Buffs inside the Iowa State 20 yard line. The Buffs were able to get down to the seven yard line but were unable to punch it into the endzone. CU settled for a Aric Goodman field goal.

Colorado held Iowa State to just 24 yards in the first quarter and Alexander Robinson did not get a yard on the ground after one.

But Colorado was not able to capitalize as Rodney Stewart fumbled while the Buffs were driving in Iowa State territory. CU had 173 yards in the first half but not a lot of points to show for it.