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Rushing The Field: Did Colorado Buffaloes Fans Do It Correctly After Victory Over Georgia?

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Rushing the field or the court after a huge victory is part of the college football or basketball experience. It can be dangerous and sometimes harmful (like in 2002 when Ball State fans rushed the field in an upset victory over Toledo). So what did Colorado Buffaloes fans do after beating a Georgia team that fell to 1-4?

You guessed it: they rushed the field. In his weekly Alphabetical musings on college football, Spencer Hall explains the situation:

B is for Boulder'd. This is how low the Buffaloes have fallen: Colorado fans rushed the field after beating a 1-3 Georgia team that lost to Mississippi State. There should be some kind of body to sanction this kind of poorly applied field-rushing, but...well, it is Colorado, and it's been Donner Party dismal there. You go right ahead, Buffaloes.

So, does that makes coach Dan Hawkins the body being consumed to survive?

Anyway, the Buffaloes are currently 3-1 and take on no. 24 Missouri (4-0) this weekend in Columbia, Mo. Still, the big game this month is on Oct. 30 when the Buffaloes visit Norman, Okla. to face Oklahoma. An upset there and maybe opinions will change about the Buffaloes. Air Force came within points of pulling off an upset, mind you.