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Colorado Dominating The Line Of Scrimmage, Takes 14-3 Lead On Georgia

The big fear coming into the game against SEC power Georgia was if the Buffs had enough power up front to control the line of scrimmage. Well, the answer to that question is Colorado has not only held their own up front but basically dominated the Bulldogs up and down the field.

Colorado has scored on two long drives of 80 and 78 yards behind a power running game to take a 14 – 3 lead. The Buffs have outgained Georgia 168 to 15 behind 107 yards rushing. The big play on the latest scoring drive was through the air on a screen pass to Brian Lockridge that he took down to the Bulldogs' one yard line.

As of now, it looks like the Buffs belong on the same field as the SEC team from Georgia. As of 13:15 left in the second quarter, Bulldog receiver A.J. Green has not touched the ball.