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Avalanche's Matt Duchene Up For TSN's Play Of The Year

There wasn't all that much to cheer about in the end for the Colorado Avalanche in 2011/2012, but the team still gave the fans plenty of moments to scream about when they were on. One of the best plays was a beautiful between the legs deke and shot by Matt Duchene against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and that play has been put up for TSN's Play of the Year.


Duchene destroyed his first match up in Group D of the tournament of great plays and is taking on a Patrick Kane shoot out goal in the Group D semi-finals. You can vote for Matt Duchene's play here, though he is currently leading at almost a 70/30 pace already with just over a day remaining in the contest. There is a video of the wonderful goal up on the match up site as well.


If he can get by Kane's deke-fest of a game winner, Duchene's play will face the winner of a match up between Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Eberle that will take place on May 14.