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Avalanche Vs. Blues Score Update: Game Tied 2-2 Heading Into Final Period

The Colorado Avalanche start the third and final period locked with the St. Louis Blues at 2-2.

The Blues have led the Avalanche statistically most of the game in nearly everything but goals, blasting 24 shots on goal to the Avalanche's 14 SOG, and have played more touch more physically than Colorado, landing 21 hits to the Avalanche's 20. The key may finally turn in the Blues' favor in the final statistic of significance as the Avalanche lead the Blues in one crucial area: penalties in minutes, as the Avalanche have earned 8 minutes to the Blues' 4.

Despite not being a typically strong power play team, the Blues have already converted two power plays into goals in Saturday night's contest and no doubt will look to take advantage of uncommonly sloppy play from an Avalanche team that entered the game with the third least power plays allowed at 164.

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