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2011 NHL Draft: Minnesota Wild Select Swedish Defenseman Jonas Brodin 10th Overall

With the tenth pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, the (draft hosting) Minnesota Wild select Swedish defenseman Jonas Brodin.

From Hockey Prospectus:

In a class that boasts a prospect as high-end as Adam Larsson, Jonas Brodin is the smartest defenseman coming out of Sweden in this draft. Brodin is a true plus thinker on the ice, consistently making advanced reads on defense, and showing good poise with the puck and executing calm, quick breakouts. While he isn't a good stick-handler by any means, and if anything I'd grade that tool as a 40, his puck-moving skills are above-average. He consistently shows the ability to execute crisp, accurate passes and can execute well on lengthy attempts. Brodin also is a solid to above-average skater, with a great first step that can close on his assignments quickly. Brodin is very conservative in nature though in how he approaches the game. Despite the fact he has the speed to rush the puck up, he doesn't attempt to do so.